Friday, December 2, 2022

Prayer of confession at Naga National Prayer Day service

Faith in the Lord Savior Jesus Christ, commitment to the sacred cause of the Naga people, and our pledge to our Flag and Constitution, which are the embodiments of our national identity and sovereign power.
Minister: O Lord we are thankful to you for your revelation of truth and for the saving work for humanity in Christ Jesus. We are totally persuaded that salvation is found in Jesus alone and that there is no other name who can deliver us. As we confess this truth, we pray to you to keep us safe and secure in your arms where no one can harm and snatch us away.
And the people say: AMEN
Minister: O Lord, for so many years, we have been living together as one people and one nation. But these aggressors have invaded upon our sovereign right, territory, culture, history, and our faith in Christ Jesus. Naga people have been suffering from the hands of the aggressive domineering nations around us. They divided our land into many parts in order to colonize us. All these have happened because we have turned away from your grace. Nagalim is our land. This portion of land is God’s given land. O Lord, hear our cry and help us to stand strong and remain faithful to you and our sacred cause.
And the people say: AMEN
Minister: O Lord, you have given us the Naga Flag with the six-edged star and the rainbow in the blue background as a sign of your covenant and presence with the Nagas. This is the embodiment of our national identity and sovereign power. Teach us to remain true to your words always.
And the people say: AMEN.
Minister: O Lord, we pray all these in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
In unison: AMEN
Rev. Deisaung Pame
Area Pastor Zeme Presbytery
Presbyterian Church of India (PCI)

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