Saturday, June 10, 2023

Process to demarcate Assam-Meghalaya border started: Conrad Sangma


Conrad Sangma

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma on Wednesday said the process of demarcation of the boundary between Assam and Meghalaya has already started with the Survey of India holding meetings with state government officials of both the States.
“Survey of India has been asked by the government of India to coordinate and to do a joint inspection and survey with government officials of Assam and Meghalaya so that we can have a proper boundary,” Sangma told journalists after holding a meeting with stakeholders involving pressure groups, traditional heads and others.
The Chief Minister said both Assam and Meghalaya government are pushing hard for an early resolution.
The boundary dispute between Meghalaya and Assam is inching towards a resolution, in at least six locations, with the Government of India directing the Survey of India to conduct joint survey in these areas.
Assam and Meghalaya have agreed to resolve differences at six locations -Tarabari, Hahim, Pilangkata, Khanapara, Ratacheera and Gijang – along their border that covers 36 villages. The boundary dispute between the two neighbouring States has lingered for more than five decades.
Both Assam and Meghalaya have agreed in principle for the exchange and administrative control of these villages under a give and take policy.
Asked if there was any time-frame to complete the survey, the Chief Minister said, “Both the governments are keen that disputes in these areas are resolved at the earliest. It would be wrong to put a deadline, we are resolved to find a solution at the earliest.”
The Chief Minister said that the meeting with the stakeholders was held cordially and most have had positive feedback on the entire process after details of the agreement between the two governments was shared.
“It is important to take everyone on-board to find a lasting solution to the boundary dispute. Some of the organizations have been passionate for the resolution of the several decade-old boundary dispute,” Sangma said.
The Chief Minister said the government has shared micro details about these villages and how we decided on each village… all organizations felt there should be a solution to this vexed boundary issue.
In fact, the two state governments have decided to find a solution to six out of the 12 areas of disputes. These six areas that were worked upon are considered less contentious, however, the other six areas, particularly Block I and II, are a bit complex in terms of resolution.
Sangma and his Assam counterpart, Himanta Biswa Sarma have earlier said that once these six areas are resolved and properly demarcated with the approval of the Parliament, then work on the complex areas would begin.
The Chief Ministers has also apprised Union Home Minister Amit Shah on the reports of the regional committee on border to resolve the land disputes in the six locations.


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