Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Proliferation of Ukraine war

When Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an unprovoked attack on Ukraine in February, experts said he was expecting a swift victory and potentially setting off on an effort to restore the Russian Empire or the USSR. Eight months into the Ukraine conflict, India and the world wish it would end soon so that all can get back to the serious business of rebuilding economies. Eight months into the crisis, more than sixty thousand Russian soldiers have died in this unnecessary conflict including as many Ukrainian soldiers, the world enters a dangerous stage of a third world war. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin cares more about fulfilling his insane goal of reviving the glorious Russian past and cares a hoot of the dangerous path he is taking in pushing the world into the edge of a world war. The war in Ukraine has had a serious impact on global economies as economic sanctions on Russia also meant a ban on import of crude oil. Putin has not shied away from declaring his illegal annexation of four Ukrainian regions as Russian territories by the Duma. The war is hurting Russia as much as Ukraine but Putin is hardly bothered if Russians starve in order to achieve his goal even if it means sparking a conflict with NATO which will eventually lead to a nuclear war. After losses to Ukraine and after the explosions that destroyed the Kerch the 19km (12-mile) bridge, Europe’s longest, a key supply route for Russian forces in Ukraine linking the Russian annexed Ukraine region with Crimea, Putin ordered firing of hundreds of missiles into Kyiv targeting civilian areas. Putin justified the targeting of civilian areas as a response to what he called “Ukrainian terrorism” on the Crimean bridge. Ukrainian president Zelenskyy said more than 80 cruise missiles and 150 rockets and drones that killed around 30 people and injuring nearly a hundred. Putin has targeted civilians since launching the invasion of Ukraine. On the frontlines in Ukraine, Putin’s invasion force is suffering from increasingly obvious manpower shortages that make a mockery of attempts to portray Russia as the world’s number two military power. Russia has targeted Ukrainian civilians besides committing horrific crimes on civilians. At an emergency special session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on October 12, India abstained from voting against Russia on a resolution that condemned Russia’s “so called” referendums and annexation of Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia. The UNGA said that Moscow’s move has no validity in international law and do form the basis for altering status of “these regions of Ukraine”. The UNGA has also called on Russia to “immediately, completely and unconditionally” withdraw all of its forces from Ukraine’s territory. A total of 143 states voted for the proposal, 35 abstained, while only four nations backed Russia. New Delhi explained that its decision to not vote against Russia was “consistent” with its “well thought out national position” and that India stood ready to support all efforts aimed at de-escalation while underlining the importance of peaceful solution through dialogue and diplomacy. The point is that so long Russia is not willing to stop fighting and stop issuing a nuclear threat there is no way that abstaining will do any good. The European countries have demanded that Russia ought to withdraw from Ukraine without which there can be no deal.That won’t happen and so it is up to Putin to stop the war of start another world war.

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