Friday, June 2, 2023

Proposed meet on oil ‘futile exercise’: UNTABA

United Naga Tribes Association on Border Areas has described as “a futile exercise” the proposed consultative meeting called by the state government to deliberate on matters pertaining to oil & gas exploration and production, saying “nothing productive step can be expected to come out in this meet.
UNTABA chairman Hukavi T Yeputhomi and general secretary Imsumongba Pongen said that until and unless the boundary issue between Assam and Nagaland was settled once and for all, no exploration and drilling for petroleum resources can be undertaken. Besides, UNTABA said the boundary issue was sub judice since the Civil Suit No.2 of 1988 filed by Assam government in the Supreme Court was still pending for more than 35 years now.
As both the state governments have agreed to resolve the issue outside the court, UNTABA, therefore, urged Nagaland government to persuade Assam government to consider withdrawal of the civil suit and pursue the issue based on the practical realities “instead of going around the bush.”


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