Saturday, March 25, 2023

Protest against forceful conversion of Hindu family members in Gujarat

 Various Hindu organisations observed a total bandh in Deesa town to protest against forceful conversion of three members of a Hindu family. They are demanding that the administration should bring back the three members and reunite them with their family, if administration fails to do so, in the coming days, Hindus will launch an aggressive protest.

The Hindu organisations had given the bandh call, while traders, APMC shop owners, thousands of youth and citizens joined the rally in support. Hindu leader Kailashbhai told the local media, “Conversion by the minority community will not be tolerated, we are demanding that the district administration and police administration bring back three members of Hindu family back, if they fail, the minority community will have to face the ire of the majority community.”

Last week, Haresh Solanki from the Deesa Taluka had attempted suicide in Palanpur, because three members of his family – wife, daughter and son were taken away by the daughter’s lover. Later they were forced to convert to Islam. Accused Sohil and his family were not sharing his family members’ whereabouts, on the contrary, they are demanding Rs 25 lakh from Haresh.

Palanpur Police Inspector Jaydev Gosai told IANS, a complaint was lodged against six members, four are still at large. Police are not able to trace complainant Haresh’s three family members- wife Chandrika, son Aakash and daughter who had fallen in love with Sohil.

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