Saturday, March 25, 2023

PVC condemns Aug 14 alleged physical assault

Pongren Village Council (PVC) has strongly condemned the alleged physical assault by security personnel of 14 IR, E-Coy on August 22 at Kiphire village junction for parking his truck on the road side.
In a condemnation note, Pongren Village Council chairman Shemongthe stated that the victim, “Atsoba T. Sangtam” was a “law-abiding citizen of Pongren Village” and that the brutality of 14 IR, E-Coy jawans was “intolerable” in a civilised and peace-loving society.
“The 14 IR personnel whose assigned duty is for public safety and security is taking law into their hand and acted as if they are above law”, Pongren Village Council stated.
The council has urged upon the law enforcing agencies to expedite the process in bringing the culprits to book at the earliest.
It also appealed that the victim be delivered with justice without delay.

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