Friday, December 2, 2022

Rally against unemployment turns violent in Meghalaya


The unemployment rally sponsored by the Federation of Khasi Jaintia and Garo People (FKJGP) in Meghalaya’s state capital Shillong turned violent on Friday as activists went on rampage, assaulting innocent passers-by’s and damaging vehicles.
A reporter Evangelist Khongwar associated with a vernacular daily Mawphor was also assaulted by the rallyists at Dhankheti for no rhyme or reason.
Interestingly, the police who were escorting rallyists did not make any efforts to stop the physical attacks on passer-by and motorists.
The violence began from Police Bazaar when some bystanders were attacked with the FKJGP bamboo poles which the rallyists were carrying.
But some of the worst attacks occurred ar Dhankheti where the commuters, bystanders were chased and attacked.
Though many were injured in the violence, a police official said two persons were injured in the attack.
“We have confirmed that two persons were injured after we inquired from hospitals. So far no one have filed an FIR, but we have filed sou-moto on today’s incident,” Sylvester Nongtnger, the district police chief of East Khasi Hills, told UNI. Meanwhile, FKJGP president, Dundee C Khongsit has tendered a public apology for the violent incident.
“As president of the organization, I really apologize in front of all the media. We didn’t expect that the unfortunate incident would happen, as before we started the rally we had already appealed to all the youth who had attended the rally that this is a peaceful rally. I would like to extend my apology to them (people who were assaulted) that we feel sorry and we will take the responsibility,” Khongsit said.

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