Thursday, June 1, 2023

RBCK organised ‘For His Mission’ a gospel concert

Rengma Baptist Church Kohima (RBCK) in an initiative to aid the underprivileges students of Kesho Mission School Jonpha, Karbi Anglong, Assam organised a gospel concert, “For His Mission” on May 6, at Capital Cultural Hall, Kohima. In a press release, the church informed that several performances highlighted the evening. Opening act of the event “When you believe” was performed by Elizabeth Khing. While Ronye Kent and Shawalo Kent performed rendition of Giovanni Pierlugi’s Agnus Die. RBCK Choir, also enthralled the audience with Christopher Tins’ Baba Yetu, after which ‘The Day Spring’, took the stage with their harmonious A Capella. Team Volt followed with their uplifting “People need people”. Project Psaltery of Chakhesang Baptist Church Ministers’ Hill engaged the audience with their upbeat and preppy performance, following which City Music of City Church hypnotized the evening with their music and vocals. Before the final act, Eirene choir of KABA presented, ‘Awake my soul’ and ‘Like a river in my soul’. The final act of the evening ‘Dreamz Unlimited’ performed a thought-provoking play.
RBCK expressed its gratitude to all the artists and sponsors, the CEO of Kohima Smart City Development Ltd. and its officers and staff, Capital Cultural Hall officers and staff and all well-wishers for the contributions and support towards the event. Earlier, host of the event, RBCK Pastor, Jonathan Mesen prayed for patrons and the event.


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