Thursday, February 9, 2023

RBPRU accuses NFR of attempt to grab land

Reacting to the eviction notice(s) issued by Northeast Frontier Railways (NFR) eviction notice, published in a section of the local media, another union titled as ‘ Railway Bazaar Permanent Residential Union (RBPRU)’ Tuesday stated that the residents were neither “unauthorized occupants” nor “encroachers” besides also denying that their buildings and houses were “unauthorized structures”.
In a statement, RBPRU chairman Heikedaung Zeliang and GB Nading Zeliang reiterated that the residents have been in continuous possession and occupation of their respective land on the basis of Pattas issued by the district authorities. Further, RNPRU maintained that the lands were not under railway reserved land and therefore, accused NFR “trying to encroach” upon their legally owned land.
RBPRU claimed that in particular, the Railway Bazaar colony was “technically verified” by the LRSO, Dimapur in 1997 and was confirmed that the land did not fall under railway reserved land. The Union termed the so-called NFR show cause notice under form “A” or the subsequent order under form “B” were not personally delivered or served them at any point of time, but came to learn about the same in the newspaper reports and the notice pasted in and around Dimapur railway station area.
RBPRU also hurled allegations that all the lands, legally owned by NFR in Dimapur, were either used by NFR themselves or rented out to individuals, societies, institutions etc. on lease.
RBPRU suggested that if NFR intended to develop Dimapur station as a “world class” station with double tracks from Lumding to Furkating, it should first develop the same by utilizing their own land, including those which were on lease. Further, the union said that if NFR still required more land, including RBPRU land, they could do so by lawfully acquiring the same as per the relevant provisions of law, but not otherwise.
RBPRU also cautioned that if NFR initiates any action against them in pursuance of the order under form “B”, the union would be compelled to approach the competent court of law in order to protect their rights at any point of time without further information.

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