Sunday, January 29, 2023

Reigning Miss Sumi completes second phase of ‘beauty with a purpose’ tour

The reigning Miss Nagaland first runner-up, Miss Sumi and the district election SVEEP Icon of Zunheboto, Lika Chophy, has completed the second phase of her “Beauty with a Purpose” project under the theme “Toward a New Vision”.
The project was mainly initiated to work towards eradicating child labour, child abuse and to promote education on clean election. During the second phase, she toured around the three sub-divisions under Zunheboto district, imparting education on the aforesaid topics and organized a goodwill program for the vulnerable children. She also visited the government schools in the rural areas under the three sub-divisions where she had a friendly interaction with students and teachers on “Child Rights”.
She was quoted as saying “children are the most important resource of our society; we should all work together to create a space where the children can feel safe and basic ‘Right to Education’ is provided. Although child protection law exists in Nagaland, the main challenge when it comes to ensuring the protection and safety of children is the lack of standards in terms of what qualifies as child maltreatment”. She emphasized on creating awareness on skill development and the importance of education amongst the three primary stakeholders – the children, the parents and guardians on the subject of child abuse i.e., physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse.
Chophy also worked on promoting education on “Clean Election” as clean election does not really exist in its land. Her main objective was to let people know the importance of their vote and the right they possess through their vote. She said that education on the aforesaid topic is the need of the hour, as every citizens who has attain the age of “Right to Vote” need to be aware of their rights in casting their vote, as their single vote can change the scenario of Nagaland.
“We are the decision maker to create Nagaland a better place or to make it worse based on how we interpret clean election”, she added. Chophy aims to change one’s mindset through her project which will gradually change the mindset of many in the days to come and to create a society where all youths, women, orphans and vulnerable children will advocate for equal participation in development and informed choices.

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