Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Religion can’t be the basis for law of the land: Shah on UCC

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) has always been the agenda of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) since its inception and that there is not a single election manifesto where they haven’t mentioned the UCC.
Amit Shah, who was speaking at Panchayat AajTak on Tuesday, was asked why isn’t the BJP government announcing the UCC for the whole country and whether they are waiting for the 2024 Lok Sabha to make such a key announcement.
“Uniform Civil Code has been the agenda of our party since the time it was formed in 1950. It’s over this issue that our founder Syama Prasad Mookerjee resigned from the post of commerce and industries minister and laid the foundation stone of the Bhartiya Jan Sangh,” said Amit Shah.
“The state governments which want to bring in UCC, there automatically it will come into effect since the matter is under the Concurrent List. Uttarakhand has announced that a committee is being formed for the implementation of the UCC, Himachal Pradesh has kept it in its agenda and Gujarat has already formed a panel for the same. We’ll see about the other states or we’ll think of some solution in the future,” said Shah.
The Uniform Civil Code, which comes under Article 44 of the Constitution of India, proposes to introduce personal laws that would apply to all citizens equally, irrespective of their religion, gender, caste, etc.
Uniform Civil Code essentially refers to a common set of laws governing personal matters such as marriage, divorce, adoption, inheritance, and succession.

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