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Remains of former NNC vice president late TP Venuh brought home after 43 years


Thousands of members from the Chakhesang community paid final respect to late Thepushu Venuh, then vice president of NNC, whose remains were brought from Myanmar to his ancestral village Thipüzumi under Phek district on Thursday. Late Thepushu Venuh popularly known as TP Venuh was reportedly killed by one of his own comrades on November 27, 1979 for refusing to accept the “Socialist Political Ideology”.
The programme in honour of late Venuh was organised by Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) at Local Ground Thipüzumi village where people from all walks of life paid rich homage to the late leader for his supreme sacrifice.
Send-off programme at Kohima: Earlier, in the morning, during the send-off programme held at Prüzhie, Kohima, the Naga Club president, Kuolachalie Seyie, in a brief remark, described the Chakhesang community as one with a strong sense of nationalism and patriotism. He said the gun culture and fratricidal killings came from a certain section of the society and that this culture claimed even the life of late Thepushu.
He described late Thepushu as a hero whose fame and name had survived the test of time and who had stood for NNC principles till his last breath. The send-off programme was chaired by Dr Rose Chakhesang while prayers for the entourage was offered by Rev Dr Vevo Phesao.
A short speech was also made by Pheluopfhelie Kesiezie while CPO vice president, Vecito Dozo thanked the people for their support in the final rites journey.
Late TP Venuh’s body, which remained buried at Naga homeland of Hemi Region for the last 43 years, was finally retrieved through divine revelation and was relocated to a final resting place at his native village of Thipüzumi.
At the day-long programme, which went on for over five hours Thipüzumi village, Tavehu Thingo shared a brief life-sketch of the late TP Venuh and remembered him as an honest and courageous person. Thingo recalled an incident wherein late Venuh was ambushed by the Indian Army with bullets coming from all sides but was unharmed. He also recalled the struggle that his wife and two children had following his killing.
Vezalhu Nyekha, a member of the Retrieval Mission, described the mission as “God’s will/ intervention mission”, saying prayer by the people for many years have been answered.
Dr. Chotisuh Sazo, MLA, in his speech, highlighted the history of Naga Movement and the nine-point agreement which the Indian Government failed to uphold that led to Plebiscite of 1951. He also informed that the eight-member team had gone to retrieve the remains of late Venuh from the eastern side.
CPO president Vezuhu Keyho said late TP Venuh was not only a great Chakhesang leader, but a Naga leader and a true gentleman, who kept his words, worked and stood for the nation. A confidant of late AZ Phizo, CPO president said late TP Venuh in life and death situation did what he was meant to do and chose death. Describing the event as historic, Keyho said today Chakhesang people was celebrating his life.
Chakhesang Mothers Association (CMA) president, Zhonelu Tunyi, stressed on the need to have unity and understanding amongst the community.
Chakhesang Youth Front (CYF) president Vezhoduyi Nakro, in his speech, challenged the gathering to stand firm in their cause under the banner of NNC. He asserted that solemn homage was befitting for the sacrifices late TP Venuh had made. Nakro also sought to put on record that “The belief for which Thepushu Venuh sacrificed his life for was not an aspiration but the commitment of the Chakhesang people to the Nagas in its continuing struggle for the rights to self-determination like all free Nations of the world.”
Other public leaders said late Venuh had unique personality and strong leadership, adding that he will continue to live in the hearts of the people.
NNC/FGN also honoured the strength and principle late Venuh stood for and called upon the people to emulate them. NNC/FGN leaders who spoke at the event included Thepushuyi S Keyho, Kuoliezo Chase and Zhopra Vero.
Calling for unity and understanding amongst different groups, the organizers said late Venuh was a symbol of Unity and that one should be ready to lose one’s life for the nation.
Some shared that many good leaders were killed for refusing to follow the socialist political ideology.
The gathering saw reaffirmation of the Chakhesang stand under the NNC principles of 16 May, 1951 plebiscite.
The programme was chaired by former CPO president, Pusazo Lürüo while Bible reading and prayer was offered by local church assistant pastor Mhaseveyi Veyie.
Speech on behalf of Thipüzumi village was given by village council chairman, Zhoveyi Rose and on behalf of the family by Thepucüyi Venuh.
The funeral rites programme was led by assistant pastor, Rüpfüvoto Tetseo, Bible and prayer was offered by pastor, Vejuyi Rose. The whole the funeral rites were performed by Chakhesang Baptist Church Council, executive secretary, Rev Khrotso Mero.

Brief biography of late Thepushu Venuh
He was the last Vice President of the unified Naga National Council (NNC). The first son of Venucho Venuh and Nuhiitalu Venuh, late TP Venuh was at Thipuzumi village born in 1928. He received his early education at Phüdozho (present North Kikriima) and his higher Schooling at Chozuba and Mission School Kohima.
He exhibited leadership qualities at a young age and developed a strong responsibility to serve the people. With the passage of time, he led and served in various capacities. The notable contribution and achievements of Thepushu Venuh in his illustrious life are as follows:
*Participated in the Naga Voluntary Plebiscite in 1951 conducted by the NNC.

  • The 1st Chairman of Thipuzumi Progressive Meeting in 1954 and also served as the President of Thipüzumi Students’ Union the same year.
  • Joined the Naga National Movement on 12th March, 1956.
  • Served as the -NNC Representative in Kachinland, had his camp on a mountain which was named T.P. Zawtu after him.
  • Sent to China two times for the Naga political cause and met chairman Mao Tse Tung (Mao Zedong) which resulted in the procurement of huge quantities of arms and ammunition for the Nagas.
  • Met Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the President of Pakistan to garner support for the Naga political cause.
  • Elected as Tatar in August 1974.
  • Elected as the Vice President of NNC on 9th March 1979.
  • Assassinated on 27th November 1979 for his refusal to accept the Socialist Political Ideology.

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