Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Resolutions at NE Geology & Mining Ministers’ Conclave

To request the Ministry of DoNER for DoNER/NEC to revive the current funding guidelines to include the “geological & mineral development”
As of now, ‘Geological and Mineral Development’ sector has not been included in Ministry of DoNER for DoNER/NEC Funding Guidelines even though Ministry of Mines contributes sizeable amount for the North Eastern Region. The meeting resolved that the Ministry of DoNER be requested to amend its funding guidelines to include Geological & Mineral Development Sector for funding of eligible projects under Geology & Mining Departments of NE region.

  1. To request the Ministry of Mines to relaunch “North East Special Assistance Scheme for Capacity Building/Training and funding for procurement of Instruments & Equipment in Mining and Geo-Technical & Geo-Spatial Technology. [Agenda 2, 6, 8 & 12 clubbed together]
    The “North East Special Assistance Scheme” under the Ministry of Mines was stopped since 2016-17. The scheme was 100% funding through Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) & Geological Survey of India (GSI). The NER State Geology & Mining Departments were greatly benefitted in terms of Capacity building/training for mining engineers & geologists, yearly NE Special Assistance Meeting and supply of Instruments & equipment. The meeting resolved to request Ministry of Mines to implement such type of scheme again as was done earlier.
  2. Formation of “Functional Working Committee of NE States Directorate of Geology & Mining.”
    In order to collectively present our common cause and have a common platform for better cooperation among the NER State Geology & Mining Departments and to share technical knowledge, the meeting resolved to form Functional Working Committee of NE States Directorates of Geology & Mining.
  3. Enactment of Minor Mineral Concession Rules in all North East States and allocation to Geology & Mining Department in order to avoid conflict with Environment, Forest & Climate Change Department.
    As it is imperative to frame Minor Minerals Concession Rules under sub-section (1) of Section 15 of the MMDR Act, 1957 all the NER States are requested to frame such Rules and make allocation to Geology & Mining Department for sustainable development in mining and eco-friendly development of minor minerals for enhancement of revenue from royalty for the States. All State Governments are requested to take immediate action for framing the Minor Minerals Concession Rules and to allocate the subject to Geology & Mining Department in their respective Allocation of Business Rules.
  4. Assistance for strengthening of North East Stats Directorate of Geology & Mining in terms of technical manpower viz. Geology & Mining Engineers to fulfil the mandate of National Mineral Policy, 2019.
    In order to enhance adoption of Scientific Methods of Mining under NMP 2019 in preparation of mining plan, scheme of mining, PMCP/FMCP and preparation of blasting design, adequate technical manpower – mining engineers and geologists are required. All the Department of Geology & Mining of NER States is financially facing problems to strengthen its manpower. The meeting resolved to request Ministry of Mines to assist NER States in the regard by formulating a Centrally Sponsored Scheme or any other programme to effectively address this issue.
  5. National Mineral Exploration Trust (NMET) to fund State DGMs for all mineral exploration projects including minor minerals. [Agenda No.10 clubbed]
    Minor minerals are the backbone of infrastructural development—building constructions, road & highway constructions, dam constructions etc., all require minor minerals. As of now, National Mineral Exploration Trust (NMET) fund cannot be utilised for exploration of minor minerals. The meeting resolved to request the Ministry of Mines to revive its funding under NMET to include minor minerals exploration at least for the North-Eastern States.
  6. Establishment of Common Facility Centres for all NE States.
    To be more economical, promoting optimum utility and accountability it is resolved to request the Ministry of Mines to take initiative as follows:
    i) National Standard Mineralogical Laboratory in NE Region be established preferably in Dimapur, Nagaland or wherever suitable so as to save time in sample analysis and expedite our exploration activities.
    ii) Centre for Advanced Sophisticated Geophysical Equipment/Instruments for minerals and mining sector in NE region: Geophysical Logger especially for coal and other minerals, magnetometers, gravitometers, electric resistivity instruments, seismic instruments, etc.
  7. Deputation/Nomination of Advisor/Nodal officer to assist in different technical matters for auctioning of minerals, etc.
    The meeting concluded to request the Ministry of Mines to depute Adviser/Nodal officer to help NER States Geology & Mining Departments Rules, 2015 especially for major minerals, to accelerate auctioning process as mandated by the Rules.
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