Sunday, June 4, 2023

Ricky Martin used professional surrogate for babies

The big question at the moment is – who is the mother of Ricky Martin’s children? You may recall that Ricky recently became the proud father of twins, though he seems keen to keep the identity of the mother of his children a secret. Well, here are some pictures of Ricky Martin at LAX airport, embracing a woman and looking delighted whilst hugging her – and what may be her mother (or a passing Yoko Ono).
So why would Ricky be visiting LA? He doesn’t own property there. Oh, and the pictures were taken in December, around nine months before the birth of the twins… has managed to find out a few more details about the lady in question and it appears that she is a professional rent-a-womb who probably states ‘Professional child incubator’ on her passport under ‘Occupation’.
Though her name remains a secret it appears that this is the third occasion on which she has delivered children from her womb the minute the cheque clears. What is known for certain is that the woman is 26 and works for an agency which specialises in matching up willing wombs with faded Latino pop stars who for some reason have failed to get a lady pregnant in the usual way.
As part of the agreement Ricky paid for all medical bills, a complimentary weekly massage and a housekeeper, even though the surrogate only got to meet Ricky in person twice (probably once at the airport and then to give the turkey baster back after a quick trip through the dishwasher).
Ricky, it is reported, was initially unhappy at the news of twins as he realised that this would make it seem fairly obvious that a surrogate pumped full of hormones had been used, though he eventually came round to the idea. Bless him – did he really think that no one would have guessed anyway?
And the great news is that you could potentially be siring Ricky’s half-brother and sister as the surrogate insists that she isn’t done earning yet and plans to carry on with this line of work, by any means necessary. So she bangs (though he clearly doesn’t).


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