Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Road safety issue: DC Chümou asked to act against contractor of NH-29

Taking serious note of safety measures for both commuters and pedestrians, the Medziphema Town Public Forum (Medziphema Town Mechü Krotho) and Gaon Bura (GB) Union have urged Chümoukedima deputy commissioner (DC) to take immediate action against contractor of 4-lane vis-a-vis NHIDCL at Chainage 137 km (Medziphema town).
In a representation to the DC, Medziphema Town Mechü Krotho president Akhoto Kuotsu, vice-president Acalie Khate and general secretary Thejangukho Yalietsu, and Medziphema town GB Union president Rokovitso Kuotsu alleged that the contractor failed to comply with the design and guidelines.
They cited some of the fatal flaws in the 4-lane road which have been the cause of many accidents. Vehicles often find the lane closed without any signage and often results in collision. According to the four organizations of Medziphema, the contractor has made no bus bays on the right hand side (up) of the highway, due to which the lives of both commuters and pedestrians were put into danger at the junction, as the road leading to Community Health Centre, village and colonies straightaway entered the carriage way and buses had to park on the main carriage way.
They mentioned that land compensations were already paid to landowners and row pillars erected for construction of such lane, but the most important lane for safety was not done. They insisted that Medziphema town required proper laning at the main junction for safety of commuters.
The petitioners further alleged that there was no drainage at the main junction on the right hand side (up) of the highway, due to which storm water flooded the base of SBI building and spread to the adjoining road during rainy days.
There was no pavement for the pedestrians on both sides of the highway at the main town, due to which there was no pedestrians’ safety, while there was no waiting shed on the right hand side (up)of the highway.
They said no foot bridge had been constructed till date although the contractor assured to construct one for the welfare of pedestrians.
They therefore requested the DC to look into the matter and take necessary action at the earliest for the welfare and safety of the public and commuters at Medziphema town main junction of NH-29.


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