Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Road work: Pochury Hoho accuses contractor of threatening leaders

Pochury Hoho (PH) has accused the contractor and proprietor of M/S Rhino Construction, who has been awarded three road contract works under Meluri sub-division, of threatening and intimidating the area leaders.
In a press release, PH president Chonpa Jurry stated that the contractor Lhuosakuolie Metha (L Metha) of Tichüma village, Kohima district, was awarded contract for constructing—Lephori to Molhe (26 Km), Akhen to Star Lake (15Km) and T01 (Akash Bridge) to Kanjang (38km). However, PH said without executing the works the funds have been withdrawn.
PH, the apex body of the Pochury community, said that people of the area have been appealing to the contractor for proper execution of works as per specification. However, the contractor instead of executing the works, threatened intimidated the area leaders.
During the meeting between the contractor and public leaders on Feb 23, 2020 at Lephori village, PH claimed the contractor had gone to the extent of threatening the Pochury citizens living in Kohima.
The hoho said the same threat was repeated on Oct 12, 2020 and Oct 11, 2021 at Akhen village.
PH said the latest incident happened on April 29, 2022 in the office chamber of the chief engineer (R&B), wherein the public leaders comprising of three village council chairman—Zarpa Katiry (VCC Lephori), Jonjang (VCC Kanjang), Wilson Katiry (VCC Matikhril) and Kezüwete Wezah of Chizami village had gone to lodge official complaint against the contractor for not executing the works.
At that incident, PH claimed the contractor again attempted to manhandle the leaders and threatened with dire consequences in the presence of the chief engineer. The hoho said he abused the leaders verbally and called up some youth “with ill-motives.” PH, however, said the leaders “fortunately” managed to escape before the youth arrived.
In the light of the above, PH and Pochury Hoho Kohima (PHK) have vehemently condemned the “barbaric behaviour” of L Metha and demanded an unconditional apology.
The hoho said that such attitude had no place in a civilised society and warranted condemnation from all right-thinking citizens and civil organizations.
PH has cautioned that in the event of any harm upon the bona fide members of Pochury community in connection to the case, L Metha would be held solely responsible and the PH would take its own course of action at the appropriate platform.


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