Monday, January 30, 2023

Roads in Dimapur city deteriorating due to lack of repair and maintenance

Staff Reporter

Rains and neglect are causing most roads in Dimapur City and its periphery to deteriorate as patches are appearing while some have enlarged into potholes. Other factors that have hastened the rate of deterioration are poor quality workmanship and lack of proper roadside drains. Most of the roads were carpeted some seven years ago but not properly maintained.
It may be recalled that a few years back, Nagaland Post had published a photo of small potholes appearing at the stretch from Dimapur Government College to Tinali junction. This stretch from Dillai Gate to Dhobinalla Junction used to be the best road constructed sometime around 2000. Due to neglect and collection of rain water, these potholes have become massive. Most often, drivers who take a turn while trying to avoid these huge potholes often end up at the wrong side
Even recently, a motorcycle nearly collided with an oncoming autorickshaw which was trying to avoid a big pothole.
Evidence of deterioration of road can be seen at many stretches at GS Road and also Station Road, near Clock Tower Junction (erstwhile City Tower), Midland area etc. Initial stages of deterioration can also be seen on the recently repaired and black topped stretch from Old Bata Charali Junction towards Old MST road.
Several other link roads under Dimapur City are also in stages of deterioration. Urgent repairs are needed in order to prevent further deterioration otherwise the roads will be totally deplorable.

Waterlogging along GS Road area. (NP)
Recently repaired old MST road. (NP)
Clock Tower junction area. (NP)
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