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Robbie Williams hopes to tour in 2022

January 18, (Agencies) | Publish Date: 1/18/2022 2:03:38 PM IST

 Robbie Williams is hoping to go on tour at the end of the year.

The 47-year-old singer – who had to cut his Las Vegas residency at Wynn Las Vegas’ Encore Theatre short in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic – is keen to get back on the road, but admits he wouldn’t be surprised if COVID hit hard again later this winter.

He said: “Hopefully I’m going to go on tour at the end of this year.”

“But you see how this year has gone”.

“I think every summer we’re going to think it’s over and then every winter it’s going to come back”.

“Every time I’ve had a guess that this is going to be over I’ve been completely wrong.”

Robbie admitted the pandemic has been “terrifying”, and he longs to get back on stage.

In a new interview in the US, he added: “It’s terrifying for many, many reasons but personally and selfishly I haven’t been able to gig, I haven’t been able to do a tour.”

A source added to The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “Robbie’s dream of getting back out on the road is something he wants to make a reality.

“This year could be tough, but knowing Robbie, anything is possible.”

Robbie performed 16 dates at the Wynn Las Vegas’ Encore Theatre in 2019 and was due to return for more in 2020 until COVID struck. The pop star was planning to take on board some of the feedback he had received from fans following his initial shows.

Speaking in March 2020, he said: “People have come to the show and said, ‘There’s not enough Robbie Williams songs!’ So it’s a dilemma. And I hear them and I get it. So I’m adding a few more Robbie Williams songs this time around, because I am Robbie Williams.

“We shall see how it goes. But for those people leaving comments … I’m really sorry. I’ll try my best next time to please absolutely everybody, because that’s what this job is at the end of the day: it’s pleasing everybody.”        (Contactmusic)

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