Thursday, February 9, 2023

Row sparked by Tripura Minister’s ‘rinse mouth with cow urine’ remark

The Opposition is in uproar after a Tripura minister said, “Rinse mouths with cow urine before talking about democracy.” Ratan Lal Nath, the state’s minister of law, made the offensive comments on Sunday when criticising the CPI(M) and Congress for their suggested seat adjustments for the 2018 state elections, reports the Sentinel.
“Before discussing democracy, the opposing parties ought to urinate on a cow. Aside from causing violence and turmoil during their previous tenure in Tripura,” BJP Minister informed journalists.
The Minister was making reference to Dr. Ajay Kumar, general secretary of the Congress, who recently said that all anti-BJP parties needed to unite behind one platform to “revive democracy and the Constitution.” Prior to the BJP-led administration taking office in Tripura, Left and Congress leaders had claimed that “democracy was under threat.” Jitendra Chaudhary, the general secretary of the CPM, harshly criticized Nath’s joke about drinking cow urine, saying that it was only natural for individuals who frequently “drink gaumutra (cow pee) to be annoyed by the mention of gantantra (democracy)”. Nath cited names of claimed victims who were assassinated by CPM-backed thugs while the Left Front was in power. Prior to joining the BJP in 2017, Nath served as a Congress leader for 34 years.

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