Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Rising People’s Party lauds Government on removal of multiple check gates

Rising People’s Party (RPP) has expressed appreciation of the “wise decision” by Nagaland governor Prof Jagdish Mukhi for removal of what it described as “unnecessary and multiple check gates in the State”.
In a press note RPP, said the move has brought inexpressible relief to the people of Nagaland, especially the business community which has been facing untold miseries arising out of illegal collections/taxation.
RPP said that by removing the multiple check gates, the burden of unwarranted inflation upon the consumers of the State would also be reduced by a huge margin and in turn, improve the overall human development index.
While appreciating the move, RPP also appealed to the governor to continue looking into the wellbeing of the people, as history had proven that successive State governments had on multiple occasions, failed to address the burning issues of Nagaland.
The party acknowledged that even though the people were presently living under a “failed system of governance”, the governor had given them a ray of hope when it was needed the most.


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