Friday, June 2, 2023

RSS & Bajrang Dal-like orgs ‘spreading terror’ in Mnp: Cong

Congress on Thursday compared the valley-based organisations Arambai Tenggol and Meitei Leepun in Manipur to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bajrang Dal, reports ThePrint.
Congress leader and AICC Manipur in-charge Bhakta Charan Das said that the two organisations are “spreading fear and terror,” allegedly “abetted” by Chief Minister and BJP leader N. Biren Singh. The party also called for the President’s rule in the state in light of the recent ethnic conflict and violence.
Addressing the media at Congress HQ here, Das said that in March 2022, the BJP’s “so-called double engine sarkar” formed the government in Manipur with a resounding mandate from both the hills and the valley. “Two long-standing demands precipitated the current crisis. First, more autonomy to HAC and the 6 ADCS for the hill areas. Second is ST status for the Meiteis. The BJP government, both in the state and the Centre, betrayed the people of all communities of Manipur,” he added.
The Congress leader stressed that no democratic process was initiated either by the Union or the state government to fulfill these demands. “Instead conflict was triggered through undemocratic actions by the state government, including sudden evacuation of villages from 38 forest areas, the spread of violence by BJP functionaries at protest sites and provocation from the Chief Minister with his arrogant utterances”, he added. Das alleged that the unrest was “systematically” engineered by the BJP as there was resentment against the government. As an example, he pointed to rallies by the All Tribal Students’ Union of Manipur in all hill districts of the state on 3 May.
Referring to the two Manipur organisations– Arambai Tenggol and Meitei Leepun – to prove his point, Das said: “It is during this time that two special forces like RSS and Bajrang Dal were created. One is Arambai Tenggol and the other is Meitei Leepun. They were in black clothes and moved around in a group of hundreds on bikes with guns. They entered police stations and police training centres and looted the armory. They burned churches, looted villagers, and created havoc like anything.” The Congress further asked why Prime Minister Narendra Modi had not appealed for peace in the area and also questioned the absence of Union Home Minister Amit Shah in the state. “We want President’s rule in Manipur to bring the situation under control,” Das added.


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