Sunday, October 1, 2023

RTA adopts measures to address traffic in Kohima

Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Kohima, under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Shanavas C held a meeting on August 16, at the DC’s Conference Hall, Kohima to tackle the mounting traffic issues in the city.

According to DIPR report, at the meeting, pressing concern of escalating traffic congestion and the challenges faced by the public were discussed.
As a proactive step, it was decided to initiate the establishment of “Ward Parking Committees” as a pilot project in five wards.

SDO (C) Sardar, Kohima, has been designated as the convenor, while DSP (Traffic), RTA representatives, KMC officials, and Ward Chairmen as members. The aim was to manage traffic in those wards more effectively.
The meeting also discussed the immediate utilization of the Kohima Smart City Development Ltd. (KSCDL) multi-level parking facilities on an experimental basis to alleviate traffic congestion. A committee led by Addl. SP Kohima, with members from relevant departments, will be formed to explore innovative methods for operating two multi-level car parking facilities.

KSCDL has been urged to install high-resolution CCTV cameras at key entry and exit points around Kohima to facilitate proper parking management. The meeting also covered topics such as feeder passenger vehicle services to ISBT, Regional Taxi Parking, the identification of a “Green Channel” for dedicated city bus services for students and office workers, and the review and regulation of traffic management outside Oking Hospital and Jail Colony.

During a PowerPoint presentation on Kohima’s current traffic scenario by DSP (Traffic), factors contributing to traffic issues were highlighted, including population density, non-compliance with traffic rules, and VIP motorcades. With approximately 1,95,284 vehicles plying daily in Kohima, traffic management remains a significant challenge.

Additional subjects such as strategies to ease traffic congestion during peak hours, the construction of a veterinary center, the upgrading of educational institutions, and various infrastructure projects aimed at improving the overall living conditions of the community were discussed.


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