Monday, December 5, 2022

Rüdi resort at Dzüü inaugurated


Rüdi Resort an entrepreneurial venture by Kevilhoutuo Yiese was inaugurated by Dapfhütsumia Khel, Kohima village, chairman, Pele Khezhie at NH 29, Phek Road, Dzüü Bridge One, Kohima.
In his speech, Khezhie congratulated the young proprietor for being visionary in coming up with the unique resort boldly in a scenic and naturally diversed location. He said as responsible citizens of the society it was time for those people with resources to construct mini playgrounds, parks and resorts instead of fortifying oneself and creating more segregation.
Khezhie pointed out that every year thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the State and therefore such facilities like Rüdi Resort would be able to accommodate the guests and also boost the State’s economy. He observed that there was an utter lack of recreational avenues such as cinemas, parks, orchestras, play courts or resorts in the State capital Kohima.
As such people are tempted to find other means to vent out their boredom often leading to abuse of alcohol, drugs, heroin, ganja and similar illegal substances, Khezhie said. In such a situation, he said, instead of always blaming the government even the general public could also contribute to the society by exploring and coming up with innovative ideas to mitigate those issues. Earlier delivering the welcome address, Kevilhoutuo said the journey had not been easy but it was fulfilling.
He informed that the name of the resort ‘Rüdi’ could be translated as ‘big river’ and therefore as the name signified he hoped the resort would bring with it an abundance of blessings not only to his family but also to the community at large.
The programme was compered by PeteneinuoSekhose, invocation by Khedi Baptist Church pastor, Dr Ruokuovilie Sachü.
It may be mentioned that the Resort provides a pool, 4 cottages, 3 double bedded rooms, an in-house restaurant open to all with a seating capacity of 20-24, a children’s park with cycling and a Naga Morung.

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