Thursday, December 8, 2022

SAANS campaign launched in Longleng

Social Awareness and Actions to Neutralize Pneumonia Successfully (SAANS) campaign was launched across Longleng district on November 14 at Conference Hall of Chief Medical Office (CMO) Longleng office.
A press release by CMO Longleng office informed that special guest, Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC) Longleng, Roko encouraged the health care workers to implement the health services with dedication.
He also asserted the importance of sensitising the public and creating awareness regarding pneumonia with the target of bringing down to less than 3% per 1000 live birth.
In a keynote address, DPO(UIP/RCH) Dr. Imnameren Phom gave a brief introduction on SAANS and spoke about the PPT approach protect, prevent and treat and SAANS planned activities (November 2022-February 2023) on community awareness generation on pneumonia and strengthen facility level management for cases of severe pneumonia.
He stated that the purpose of the campaign was to enable care givers to identify critical signs and symptoms of pneumonia early and trigger prompt care seeking with qualified providers.
Meanwhile, launching programme of SAANS campaign was also held at Tamlu Community Health Centre (CH) and Yachem CHC under Longleng district.

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