Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Saint John’s School organises ‘Pet’s Day Out’

Saint John’s School, Diphupar ‘B’ Saturday organised the first “Pet’s Day Out” at the school premises with veterinarian, Veterinary Hospital Burma Camp, Dr. Bocto Sumi as chief guest and principal and director of Training Institute Don Bosco, Dimapur, Rev. Father Paul Maippan as guest of honour.
In a press release, the school informed that at the programme, Dr. Sumi stressed on the importance of giving love and care to the pet animals.
He advised the students to not adopt or buy any animal if they were not ready to look after it properly.
Rev. Maippan stated that animals were loyal to humans more than humans and encouraged the audience to not end the love for the pets but to love the pets to make a better place for them to live.
Veterinarian, Dr. Khrusato Keyho highlighted the importance of pets in one’s life by pointing out how pets as the best stress busters available to humans. He also said that pets can help people when fighting depression and has been considered best companion for introvert people.
During the programme, variety of pets showed up which included dogs, cats, birds, tortoise, guinea pig and rabbits. All students from Grade 3-10 attended the programme. The event ended with a show where styled animals walked the ramp, wherein Shiru (dog) and Hae-wo (cat) were declared as winners of the ramp walk.
The program was chaired by Imsenkhala Jamir followed by prayer; welcome note was delivered by the school principal, Johnny Abraham, who stated that the programme aimed to inculcate the value of sympathy, empathy, and unconditional love in the minds of the students towards all beings.
The programme was also attended by the founder of Noah’s Ark, Imlisen and veterinarian, Dr.Tshokedu Keyho.

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