Monday, January 30, 2023

SAMETI training culminates

A two-day training on “extension strategies for mainstreaming gender and women empowerment in agriculture” for Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) functionaries organised by State Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute (SAMETI) culminated on August 18 at SAMETI, Medziphema.
A press release by SAMETI, Medziphema stated that during the training, the participants were trained on the topic of role of women in agriculture, rural women empowerment and entrepreneurship development, empowering rural women through Self Help Group (SHG) movement, gender friendly tools and implements in north-east, gender division of labour and gender mainstreaming.
Resource persons for the training were master trainer, department of women resource development Kohima, A Sungjemkala Lemtur, assistant professor, SETAM, Dr. Pramod, ADPM NSRLM, DRDA Dimapur, M. Yimok Phom, DC MIS,NSRLM, DRDA Dimapur, Along Pongen and SHG, Tsüüma Village Medziphema block, Noune Krotho. The resource persons highlighted briefly on different aspects where women play a vital role in agriculture development and improve various traditional techniques to modern techniques.
As extension functionaries, the trainees were also asked to encourage more women farmers to bring out many success stories for the upliftment of women entrepreneurship in this challenging market.

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