Sunday, January 29, 2023

SAPO committed to its decision in restricting the movement of Mao people

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As also stated earlier, BOA had specified three options (choices) to the contesting parties:
a) To make it as a common property, or
b) To divide within the contesting parties, or
c) To take an oath
SAPO since day one had consented and in writing submitted wholeheartedly to the TPO and BOA for the third option (Oath).
However, SAPO’s commitments were taken for granted and SAPO’s consent to willingly take the solemnly oath, as per traditional custom, has been totally disregarded. SAPO therefore raised these questions:
a. The Judgement (verdict) of BOA-TPO is based on the arbitrary political imagery line of the State political boundary and not according with the traditional land holding?
b. The BOA had totally failed to comply and take action against the Defaulter of the ‘arbitration undertaking’. It is therefore; pertinent to question, what is the stand of TPO on the wilful violation of the TPO ‘arbitration undertaking’ and what punitive measures as agreed upon have been imposed till date?
c. Further, the BOA has miserably failed to uphold its own decision to reconstruct the SAPO Rest House; failed to enforce its own directives; the Joint Memorandum submitted before the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Manipur has failed, and the judgements which had been pronounced in the presence of the 3rd party influence, heavily Armed Security Personnels belonging to the Government of Manipur, stationed at Kezoltsa, is biased beyond measure.
d. The question of bringing Dzükou into the judgement of the BOA is objectionable, as it is impossible for Mao land to high jumped over SAPO and Maram traditional land at Kezoltsa and take possession of Dzükou.
Therefore; SAPO desires to put on record and acknowledge all Civil Societies and individuals for their due concern in lifting the restriction towards Mao Citizens. However, we would like to appeal and give a clarion call upon the State Government of Nagaland and Manipur and all the Civil societies to jointly verify the spot and ascertained the factual facts and position of who is to guilty for carrying out various illegal activities and developments within the custodian zone of the TPO and BOA, and keeping in mind and considering who are the genuine land owner, not based on arbitrary, imaginary political boundary but by identifying actual traditional land holders. The Southern Angami will continue to defend and uphold the integrity of the Southern Angami land and will not part an inch of our traditional land towards the encroachers.
It is high time the legitimacy of the claims of the Mao people be determined either by selecting traditional boundaries or by political boundaries, and not by taking undue advantage of the Manipur Government and drawing imaginary political boundary, which cannot fetch peace and tranquillity within brotherhood.
The decision of the SAPO for restricting the movement of the Mao people within the Southern Angami jurisdiction will continue and further, hereon, the SAPO will cease all co-operation to the Mao Community. We also called upon the Manipur State Government to stop interfering in the affairs of the traditional rights, as the land and its resources belong to the people and not to the government, otherwise we shall be compelled to take drastic measures. Our locus standi is subject to review if the factual position is clearly spelt out after spot verification, and the memorandum submitted to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Manipur, dated 20th November, 2021 is implemented in toto, and the impugned order of the TPO judgement is reviewed. SAPO is committed to its decision in restricting the movement of Mao people within the Southern Angami jurisdiction until Mao Council Manipur Government withdraws its armed troops from Kezoltsa and cease all development activities and programmes, to pave way for free and fair democratic dialogue on the issue traditionally.
(To be concluded)
Er. Tepul Hopovi,
President, SAPO &
Mr. Swelul Pucho, General Secretary, SAPO.

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