Sunday, January 29, 2023

Say ‘NO’ to these DISEASES this ELECTION!

  1. Collapse of cultural/traditional values in front of election’s vices
  2. Flocking to MLAs and Ministers houses for physical attendance
  3. Superficial support for the cause of a clean election
  4. Ultimate prophesy by prayer warriors
  5. Distancing relationship with others
  6. Artificial painting of NLTP Act
  7. 2/3 months of good meals in the camp
  8. Illegal proxy voting and selling of one’s vote/rights
  9. Shedding blood and tears to elect corrupted candidates
  10. Proud publication of party members’ resignations in the media
  11. Supply and consumption of alcohol to domesticate voters
  12. Friends become enemies; neighbours become strangers
  13. Dividing the community according to political parties
  14. A cold winter with warm polluted pockets
  15. Destroying homes, offices and vehicles
  16. Moral stagnation and degradation
  17. Serving ultimatum to your own kith and kin
  18. Spreading rumours and false allegations against others
  19. Pleasing unemployed youth with the tag ‘party workers/volunteers’
  20. Repairing dusty and bumpy roads to cover some shame and guilt
    For a just society,
    Rev. Fr. G. L. Khing
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