Friday, January 27, 2023

SAYO, NMSYO hold brotherhood affirmation


Southern Angami Youth Organization (SAYO) and Northern Maram Students & Youth Organization (NMSYO) held a brotherhood affirmation programme at AYO Monolith, Kisama Village on Monday.
In a speech, SAYO president, Metekhrielie Mejura, said the programme was held in order to reaffirm the brotherhood between SAYO and NMSYO. He said it was also to know and understand each other, to strengthen the relationship and uphold it even in the days to come.
Mejura hoped that the understanding would prevail not just in the Kezoltsa issue but even other issues when the need arises for the two-show camaraderie. He acknowledged the elders who had started the age-old friendship in the past.
Also speaking at the occasion, NMSYO president, P Karaiba said the brotherhood between the two was a, “God’s gift” and that it was historic day which would never be forgotten.
He pointed out the need to seek God’s blessings together both in good times and even in unpleasant times, to hold hands and walk shoulder to shoulder as brothers.
Karaiba said it was also important to seek God’s blessing to become more loving people. On behalf of the organization, he assured prayers and hoped to stay in touch and grow together as brothers.
Earlier the programme was led by Zeneikho Pfükha while invocation was pronounced by SAYO VP (admin), Thepfukho-o Tepa. A special number was presented by Kezekeno from Jakhama.
Words of gratitude was proposed by SAYO VP (gen), Kevhangulie Dul. A friendship feast was also held at the Angami Morung to mark the occasion.

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