Monday, November 28, 2022

SAYO opens Dzükou merchandising booth

Southern Angami Youth Organisation (SAYO) opened a Dzükou merchandising & waste management booth at Dzükou Valley entry point and ticket counter, Viswema village on October 30.
The booth was formally inaugurated by Angami Public Organisation (APO) general secretary, Er. Swelül Pucho.
Addressing the members. Er. Pucho said Dzükou Valley was one of the biggest assets of Southern Angami people and that through God’s blessing, the people should continue to protect and maintain the valley.
Lauding SAYO for taking up initiatives to protect the valley, he said the youth organisation were also the custodians and expressed hope that the shop would be successful and become a part of successful tourism promotion for the Valley.
SAYO president Metekhrielie Mejura said the merchandising shop was initiated to promote Dzükou Valley and would cater to selling basic trekking equipment, Dzükou souvenirs and basic necessities required for trekkers and visitors.
The waste management booth has also been opened for sanitation management of all visitors, he informed.
Further, Mejura stated that waste in Dzükou Valley needs to be managed at all cost and everyone should be part of the noble movement.
The booth will be open the whole year round.
Earlier, action committee member, Keyocho Mekro chaired the programme while Viswema Baptist Church pastor Saphrül Pucho offered invocation.

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