Monday, March 20, 2023

SBAK holds annual revival hour

Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Kuqhakulu (SBAK) Nito Mount held its annual revival hour at Sheyipu Village Zunheboto under the theme “Xukipiye Kuxu” Titus 2:7 from January 27 to 30 with Rev. Hukugha Zhimo executive secretary SBAK NM, Rev Shekiye Achumi director URF and Rev. Ahoto Awomi Rtd. Evangelist SBAK Nito Mount as revival speakers.
According to Media Cell of SBAK Nito Mount, Rev. Hukugha Zhimomi spoke on “Ni sachile saighi tsulo” Luke 15: 11-22; Rev. Shekiye Achumi spoke on “ishino xathalulo” Luke 15: 11-32 and “Xukipiye Kuxu” Titus 2:7 and Rev. Ahoto Awomi spoke on “Alhou paghi phululo” Mathew 6: 33 and “Ado ye hike: shikipivi” 2 Kings 20:1-11.
Pivito Hesso Evengelist SBAK was the counsellor director and Rev. Toshika Chophi was the camp director. Special songs were presented by Niza Lejo (SBCK), Kivikhu BC, Lotisa BC and others. More than 5000 delegates from all SBAK affiliated churches attended the revival hour.
Dr. Kheshito Zhimomi Rtd. Addl. Director Health and Family welfare also delivered his life testimony during the revival hour. Earlier welcome address was said by Hetovi Zhimo HD GB. Sheyipu Village.

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