Wednesday, September 27, 2023

SCAN calls for immediate implementation of ILP, RIIN

Senior Citizens Association of Nagaland (SCAN) has expressed concern over the possibility of Nagaland becoming another Tripura where indigenous tribal inhabitants had been reduced to a minority in their own land, if the rampant influx of immigrants to the State remained unchecked.
Senior Citizens Association of Nagaland president Dr Khanlo Magh and general secretary Dr R Rose Chakhesang in a press release said they strongly supported the immediate need to streamline and strictly implement Inner Line Permit (ILP) and implement the proposed Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN).
SCAN said they had submitted suggestions and recommendations to the RIIN Commission on September 13, 2019 which specified “All Nagas naturally originating from the geographical boundary of the State of Nagaland with the defined original attributes of indignity are the only people qualify as indigenous inhabitants.”
For “domicile inhabitants/permanent residents”, they mentioned that the State government notification of April 28, 1977 that specified “A person should have settled permanently in Nagaland prior to 1-12-1963” should serve the purpose. They insisted that the place of registration as indigenous inhabitants should be made in their respective officially-recognised village and not in the place of residence.
They pointed out that the authority to authenticate claims of being indigenous/domicile should be left to all officially recognised village councils by the State government.
The signatories demanded that the office memorandum of June 11, 2012 should be strictly followed for any category of adoption cases, insisting “children of the non-Naga father as well as non-Naga children adopted by Naga parents are not to be given Scheduled Tribe/Backward Tribe/Indigenous Certificates”.
SCAN appreciated the Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) for the in-depth study on the RIIN Commission’s recommendations, the reiteration of December 1, 1963 as the cut-off date and supporting the suggestions made that were published in local dailies on May 23, 2023.
SCAN also wholeheartedly welcomed the press statement of chief minister Neiphiu Rio published on May 27 wherein he had categorically stated: “Indigenous Inhabitant status would not be accorded, but permanent resident status would be accorded to those who had settled in Nagaland prior to 1963. For those who have settled in Nagaland after 1963, they would be given temporary resident status”. They said this had put an end to the ambiguity and confusions.
The association hoped that in order to protect and safeguard the citizens of Nagaland, ILP would be rigorously implemented and the proposed RIIN see the light of day.



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