Friday, June 9, 2023

SCC informs residents, pet owners

Reiterating its appeal on maintenance of hygiene and discipline while rearing and keeping dogs, Supply Colony Council (SCC) has informed all the residents of the colony that the earlier appeal and orders still stood “valid and operative”.
In a notice, SCC chairman Vikheto Chisho and general secretary Imotemjen Longchar has asked the residents to keep domesticated dogs in proper enclosures within one’s own compound and the dogs be properly vaccinated.
The council has informed the residents to accompany the dogs after being properly chained during walks and advised them to carry poop cleaner while taking walks on the street.
SCC has warned that failure to adhere to this appeal order will entail a penalty of Rs. 1000 for first offence with warning and the amount would be multiplied in subsequent offences.


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