Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Security personnel assault media persons on duty in Mnp


Three media persons covering Monday’s incident at New Checkon area in Imphal were physically assaulted by the security forces on duty.
Taking strong exception to the manner in which the security personnel dealt with the media persons, All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU), Editors’ Guild Manipur (EGM) and Manipur Hill Journalists’ Union (MJHU) demanded suspension of the security personnel involved in the incident.
AMWJU, EGM and MJHU strongly condemned the manner in which the security forces especially Jat Regiment and other Central forces who “intentionally” targeted media persons who were covering the New Checkon incident today in Imphal.
Personnel of the Jat Regiment targeted the media men who were doing their legitimate duty and absolutely identifiable by their “PRESS” embossed vest, the scribe bodies alleged, in a letter to security advisor to the Manipur government on Monday.
At least three media persons including a member of AMWJU were beaten by the security personnel. It was clear from the statement of the injured media person and video recording by colleagues that the assault was not made in the heat of controlling mobs. The media persons who were covering the burning of a building from another nearby building were accused by the Jat Regiment of throwing stones at a drone allegedly used by the SF.
“This, however, is not true,” the joint letter said, and added that the media were waving away the drone as it had come near them and no stones had been thrown at it.
Another media person from electronic media was held by a two-star officer of Jat Regiment while his guard held him at gunpoint. The officer grabbed the mobile used by the journalist and deleted photos and video taken by him.
Several RAP and Assam Rifles personnel, on the other hand, prevented many other media persons from covering the incident, the scribe bodies alleged in the letter.
In case of failing to address the demand, the media houses in Manipur will boycott all press releases, handouts and press conferences related to the Central paramilitary forces and armed forces operating in Manipur, the scribe bodies threatened in the letter.


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