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Sekrenyi cum mini Hornbill festival celebrated at Kisama


Sekrenyi cum mini Hornbill festival was celebrated at Kisama Heritage Village on February 25, organised by the Angami Public Organisation (APO).
Former president, APO, Dr Vilhusa Seleyi, graced the event. He talked on the significance of the festival, stating that one should seek the blessings of peace and prosperity for the entire year from the elders of both maternal and paternal sides of the families.
Seleyi said that Sekrenyi is the main festival of the Angamis and said that its celebration has been practiced since the times of forefathers. It is sacred and through this festival, people are expected to forgive one another and sanctify themselves.
He stated that Sekrenyi has been losing its significance with time, yet it is still celebrated with pomp and gaiety in many Angami villages. It brings unity and better understanding to the peer groups and the whole village, as Sekrenyi is a time of merrymaking and renewing friendships.
He reminded the gathering not to over-indulge themselves with the beverages and food during the festival as it is believed that if one is “over indulged” “luck” would not favour them the entire year.
Dr. Seleyi also appealed to the crowd to honour the significant Sekrenyi festival and urged the need to preserve and protect the tribe’s culture and identity.
The ceremony was chaired by APO, president, Razouvotuo Chatsu, a special number was performed by Kohima Village, Lidi Kro-u and vote of thanks by Vice President, APO, Zadeho Rikha.
The ceremony included the mass signing of “Ara Kezivi” and release of the APO 50 years jubilee souvenir by the speaker.

Lidi Kro-u, Kohima village performing at the Angami Morung at Kisama.

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