Sunday, October 1, 2023

Seminar for pastors, church leaders held at YBC

A seminar for the pastors and leaders of the churches was organised by Bible Society of India (BSI) Chümoukedima branch Tuesday at Yimkhiung Baptist Church (YBC).
A press release by BSI stated that 43 pastors and leaders representing 22 churches attended the seminar wherein pastors shared their concerns and asked as how churches could involve and contribute more towards the ministry of BSI.
Dimapur Auxiliary president, Rev. Dr. N. Paphino highlighted the activities of the BSI. He said the society provides Bible at a heavy subsidized rate and that it was possible with the contribution of the churches.
Auxiliary secretary, Rev.Dr. Yiepetso Wezah shared the importance of BSI ministry. He said one of the main objectives was to provide Bible to everyone at affordable price in a language he/she prefers.
Rev. Wezah said BSI was working towards the fulfilment of the great commission of Jesus Christ.
RM Marwati shared the role of BSI branch and requested churches to actively participate in the mission of ministry of BSI.
The seminar was moderated by BSI Chümoukedima branch president, Rev. P. Tali Jamir; Pochury Baptist Church Pastor Hopejoy said the opening prayer and the seminar ended with mass prayer and benediction by Mao Baptist Church Pastor Adahe Neli.


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