Monday, November 28, 2022

Seminar on ‘clean election’ at Jakhama

Angami Baptist Church Council(ABCC) Clean Election Movement Core Committee (CEMCC) conducted a seminar on “clean election”, October 30.
In a press release, Jakhama Baptist Church stated that during the Sunday morning worship service, convenor of Core Committee, pastor AtuoWhuo recited a Biblical message on clean election.
Atuo stated that the children of God are to remain as “the light of the world at all times” and informed that the initiative of ABCC on clean election was solely to bring positive changes.
In order to achieve such goal, it is important to educate the people starting from the grassroots, about the common illegal conduct during election, the pastor exhorted.
At the seminar, Core Committee member Azonuo Ciesotsu highlighted how ABCC Core Committee works, Kepelhoutuo Chiisi stressed on the importance of clean election to involve every qualified voter to eradicate illegal conducts, pastor Sielie Pienyii stressed on responsibilities of church workers while Esabel Solo stressed on how the youth could play a vital role to promote clean election.
Representing Jakhama Baptist Church, advocate Kezhokhoto Savi stated that many good people, so called the “educated, officersor church leaders” remainsilent during election since election was a dirty game.
In this regard, he pointed out that a time had come for every individual to realise that one’s vote decided the fate of five years and beyond.
“We need a legislator who is people friendly and ready to make sacrifices for a corrupt-free state”, Kezhokhoto asserted and added that this was possible only when the conduct of election is “clean”.

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