Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Seminar on Tenyidie language underway


With an objective to promote Tenyidie language, Ura Academy organised a two-day seminar on the theme “U Krü Dieu: U Kemerüu” (Our mother tongue is our hope), which got underway on Thursday at Ura Academy Hall.
Speaking at the seminar, SCERT professor, Dr. Zavise Rume urged upon the stakeholders to organise programmes to promote indigenous knowledge which, he said, the upcoming generations need to learn.
Dr. Zavise said there were several research evidences indicating rich diverse food items, however, unless people know their own native language, the food resources remain poor in the midst of their richness.
In this regard, he stressed on the need to preserve the language and use it as a medium for promotion of food, native plants and culture.
He urged upon Ura Academy to take-up short term teachers’ training and orientation to promote and teach Tenyidie and expand the language beyond Tenyimia community.
To promote indigenous native songs, folk stories, games and native festivals, Dr. Zavise encouraged the concerned people to organise regular interactions through platforms such as seminars.
Expressing apprehension with regard to the diminishing of the Tenyidie language, Rev Tsolie Chase said at present, the younger generation was losing touch with their native language.
Chase urged upon the gathering to contribute to the promotion and preservation of Tenyidie by encouraging it to be spoken at home and in their daily lives.
Meanwhile, SCERT reader, Khriesenuo Solo while giving a talk on “Nagaland Heritage Textbooks and National Education Policy (NEP) 2020” said people lacked appreciation of their own community which results to tribalism.
Khriesenuo presented a background of Nagaland heritage studies (NHS) along with recommendations and reviews provided by the government committee by SCERT, Nagaland.
With three films released with regard to NHS, Solo informed that 12 more films were underway where teaching of mother tongue and appreciation of one’s own culture was one of the objectives.
Earlier, the programme was chaired by Ura Academy vice president, Daso Paphino, Metuo Liezietsu and Dr Kelhoukhrienuo Sekhose shared experiences, special number was presented by Ura Academy Tsalida Khu and invocation was offered by Mission Baptist Church pastor, Rev James C. Neikhrienyü.
Later, benediction was offered by Baptist church, Lieire Baptist Church pastor, Neichüriazo Chücha.


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