Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Sensitisation-cum-workshop on ‘Palliative Care’ at Impur

Impur Christian Hospital (ICH) organised sensitisation-cum-workshop on “Palliative Care” sponsored by Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang (ABAM) on March 22 at Impur.
A press release by ABAM informed that the programme was organised as a healing ministry by ABAM to inculcate the importance of palliative care so that the churches could access the ill people in their localities and avail proper care available at ICH.
In a presentation, resource person, Dr. Obangjungla said that palliative care had become an important concern for both Churches and organizations as it has become inevitable in all localities. She said the palliative care initiated by ICH was a massive move towards calling for mass initiatives.
Dr. Obangjungla opined on the concern for spiritual care and appealed to the church in particular that the best way the church can do to the ill person before anything happens was to lead them to the understanding of the real meaning of life’s existence and the purpose of God for every individual.
The programme was attended by 37 individuals comprised of the leaders from seven churches of ABAM and the ICH staff.


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