Monday, January 30, 2023

Set vision 2032 for Niuland district: Kikheto’s Tuluni message


Agriculture Production Commissioner (APC) Nagaland, Kikheto Sema, Tuesday urged the citizens of newly the inaugurated Niuland district to set a vision for the district for the next ten years and even beyond to make the district “a model habitat” for its residents.
Addressing the Tuluni festival at Niuland town as “Tuluni papuh”, Kikheto said, however, said that the change in administrative headquarters would not bring transformation unless the citizens of the district changed their mindset, adding that one should strive to be much better than what they are today. “We need to transform from normal Niuland to a better Niuland, normal Sumi to a better Sumi, normal Naga to a better Naga,” he remarked.
He suggested Niuland citizens to have a thorough deliberation on what Niuland should be in the next five to ten years. To set “Vision 2032” for Niuland, Kikheto suggested organizing workshop or seminar involving all legislators, like-minded people, business persons, Sumi architects and town planners, village elders from neighbouring villages, church leaders, women and student leaders.

Speaking on the theme “Our Culture, Our Identity,” Kikheto said that Tuluni, like any other festivals celebrated by the Sumis, is also related to agriculture.
He, however, expressed dismay that the age-old practices have been forgotten and “today we are celebrating such important festivals while others toil our fields.”
In order to preserve culture and tradition, he urged the citizens to start working on their own and reap what they sow during Tuluni and enjoy the harvest during Ahuna season.
The two-day Tuluni festival is being organized by Niuland Area Students’ Uniuon and Niuland Area Sumi Totimi Loka. Cultural presentations from Children Ministry, SBAN (Aphilo Kuwo), Yeveto Village (Thishole) and special presentation by Ni-Ghakutsa Lejo were the highlights of the festival. The festival concluded with a Tuluni feast, which was sponsored by “Tuluni papuh” and family.

Women presenting folksong on the occasion. (NP)
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