Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Shurho sounds poll bugle in Mokokchung dist

Accuses State govt of reducing Nagas into ‘parasitic society’

NPF president and former chief minister Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu sounded the party’s poll bugle in Mokokchung district by assuring party workers that if NPF returned to power, after the 2023 assembly elections, it would work out the right type of fiscal policy framed by experts and ensure that money was made available to the public by various departments.
Addressing the NPF Mokokchung division party workers at Mokokchung on Wednesday, Dr. Shürhozelie assured that mounting figures of liability and debt, easy money would be checked, salaries of government employees released in time and establish fiscal discipline in due course of time.
The veteran regional politician lamented that the State economy was nose-diving and becoming fully dependent on others and accused the State government of having “reduced Naga people into a parasitic society”.
He said that the party would work out policies for human development by experts in various ways– social, cultural, language and religion – and also set up voluntary youth brigade in all villages in collaboration with churches to check evils like the present unchecked flow of liquor and drugs, adding that various counselling centres would also be opened for people with HIV/AIDS.
“Today, the poor become poorer and rich become richer, poverty and inequality has been raising its ugly head,” he remarked, adding that class system that was never known in Naga society in the past was appearing.
Therefore, he stressed that change was required urgently and called for introducing the right type of economic policy.
Further taking a dig at the State government, he accused the State of not framing economic and fiscal policy, no programme for human development and no programme to safeguard the welfare of future generations.
He, however, promised that if NPF takes over the reins of government, it would frame appropriate economic policy and make the State self-sufficient and remove “dependency syndrome”.
He maintained that Nagaland has many capable officers to bring out good economic policy for the State, and also have the knowledge and capacity to implement it to make Nagaland a self-reliant State. However, he alleged that the present government lacked the initiative and that it appeared to be “too busy counting their money individually”.
The NPF president clarified that his party did not mean to blame or criticise anybody, but only telling the factual position of the present government. He explained that the party was bringing out all these facts not because it did not like “friends” who were running the government, but only speaking the truth for NPF love Naga people more and that it had to liberate them from poverty and dependency.
Speaking on the occasion, NPF Legislature Party leader and UDA co-chairman Khuzoluzo (Azo) Nienu said the party was considered to be a political wing of Naga political issue and re-marked that if the party died, the Naga political issue too would be dead.
Expressing his dismay over the defection of 21 MLAs, Azo said true leaders needed to maintain their integrity and called upon NPF leaders to be truthful to their party and nearer to God.
However, he commented that the defection was the best thing that ever happened to NPF and called upon the party leaders to stand firm and work hard to bring back as many MLAs to form the next government in the State.
“We defeated 59 MLAs in the 2003 State elections and we will be able to create another history with the support and hard work of party leaders, workers and supporters in the coming elec-tions,” he asserted and urged the leaders to contribute for the success of the party and not stay in their comfort zone, but work tirelessly for the party.
Azo cautioned that if people played double standards game, then God would never bless them, adding that everything was possible with God.
Former minister and NPF working president ThenuchoTunyi, who also spoke on the occasion, declared that NPF would do well not only in Mokokchung district but throughout the State and form the next government due to the rejuvenation process of the party at the grassroots level.
He pointed out that Nagaland was among the least performing States in all aspects in the North-east and promised “NPF will turn it into a top State”.
Maintaining that peace and unity were required for development and progress, he commented that Nagas had unique history and tradition and claimed that NPF was the only regional party to protect the rights of Nagas.
In his speech, former minister I Imkong, who joined NPF, stated that he had joined the party to nurture new leadership for the future generation. He stressed having new and capable leadership and claimed that NPF was the right platform in producing such leaders. He also called upon the people to work united so that the party could bring a positive change.
NPF working president Dr HuskhaYepthomi and secretary general Achumbemo Kikon also spoke on the occasion.
The programme was chaired by Mokokchung division general secretary (Adm) Tangit Imsong, while welcome and introductory address was delivered by Mokokchung division president Moasangba Jamir. This was stated in a press release issued by NPF press bureau.

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