Friday, December 2, 2022

Skills and employment

Employment is so vast that many people fail to see the totality. Some people sit back and complain about unemployment without raising their heads above the walls of their homes. Furthermore, there are thousands of unemployed youth barking for employment without skilling themselves with the required skills to meet the required needs.
Employment opportunities are numerous. However, one needs to be skilled in order to be fitted in the school of employment. Employment depends on the learners/trainees. The world can be in your hands, if you know how to handle it. Handle your life with care so that you can perceive the greater meaning of life. Life is not only about employment. It is the manner in which you skill yourselves to be employed. Skill yourselves when you are young and energetic.
We can talk about employment from two perspectives: Positive Employment & Negative Employment. Employment becomes positive when you have the required skills to meet the required needs. It becomes negative when you do not possess the required skills to meet the required need. We hear many parents commenting “even if my sons/daughters graduate, they will not get jobs.” This negativity emerges because people fail to skill themselves with the basic requirements of an employee. There are thousands of institutes and corporate sectors in search of skilled employees. If you do not have the required skills, you have no right to complain about unemployment.
The world is looking for skilled labourers. Some academic courses are designed in such a way that students are trained physically, intellectually, emotionally, mentally and socially for any kind of work. Skill based education is the need of the hour. Skilling and killing go hand and hand. You must kill all that does not help you to skill yourselves. A skilled person must possess a large heart that can contain people and circumstance. Narrow mindedness should be disposed.
If you want to be employed in a professional institute, allow your skills and works to be known to people. Go beyond yourself to meet and interact with people of different professions. Learn from successful and unsuccessful people. Sieve the two sides of the story and build your own story with your knowledge and skills. Self construction of constructive knowledge is the best knowledge. Apply them as balm to various areas of life. Change of attitude and life flow from it.
Today, the world is such that if you do not have anything to contribute, you are nowhere and nothing. To contribute something worthwhile to the society, you need skills. The consumerist world is emerging stronger day by day. You must keep yourselves fit to meet these challenges.
Young people must be dreaming of stable employment that can fetch good sum of money. However, employment is not only about earning wages. It is more about how you impact the organization/society with your skills. The more you skill yourself, the more you climb the ladder of success. Every activity must be directed towards positive impact. By this you change the face of the society.
Stir your potentials. Skill yourselves justly and rightly. Practicality comes from skills. Dream big because big things come to those who dream big.
Rev. Fr. G. L. Khing
NEISSR, Chümoukedima

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