Sunday, June 4, 2023

SKK inducts new president

All Sümi Students Union (ASSU), Sümi Kiphimi Kuqhakulu (SKK), at its 8th union assembly meeting unanimously inducted former education and statistical secretary, SKK Ngukato L Aye as the new president of SKK, after the union formally accepted the resignation tendered by Katho P Awomi.
A press release by Union Assembly speaker, Sümi Kiphimi Kuqhakulu Ninoto H Chophi, informed that the appointment of Ngukato L Aye as president, was taken after thorough deliberation and was endorsed by Sumi frontal organizations and Sumi Hoho.
It further informed that the executive members of Sümi Kiphimi Kuqhakulu would now continue to work under the leadership of Ngukato L Aye.


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