Friday, December 2, 2022

SMWS clarification on sand price hike

Sand Mahaldar Welfare Society (SMWS) at Karbi Anglong, has clarified that it was not responsible for the recent hike in sand price.
Reacting to a statement issued by Sand Stockists’ & Suppliers’ Union, Dimapur (SSSUD); Sand Stockists’ & Sand Suppliers’ Union, Chumoukedima (SSSUC) and Assam Sand Supply & Truck Owners’ Association (ASSTOA), as published on November 1, SMWS in claimed that since 2019, SMSA and SSSUD had jointly hiked the rate of sand to Rs 42 per CFT and alleged that “SSSUD was to collect Rs 5,000 per truck against lorry challan of underground party.” It also alleged that hike in price of sand was done by SSSUD for personal benefits. The society also claimed that sand mahaldars downstream met ASSTOA office-bearers at Hotel Senti, Dimapur. SMWS said after deliberating for an hour, it agreed to charge old rate of Rs 32 per CFT of sand, which was the same being currently charged.
SMWS further mentioned that it was unaware of ban on sand supply by the above bodies, since they do not have a single vehicle transporting sand in their procession. SMWS also pointed out that Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) had passed a regulation in September 2022, that only 10 cm of sand would be allowed to be carried within Karbi Anglong, which meant that overloading was prohibited, besides prohibiting the carriage of any forest produce within the district between 5 pm and 5 am.
SMWS clarified that it did not charge any tax nor planned to, since it was only levying the price of sand, which cost Rs 12,800 (400 CFT x Rs 32). Moreover, the society claimed that it was only following the rules and regulations provided by KAAC and all the authorities concerned in the district.

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