Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Society’s Frankenstein

It is left to the conclusion of any sane thinking and law abiding citizen,that the voices against extortion, illegal taxations, threats and kidnap are of utmost concern besides blatant corruption at government and social levels. Several rallies had been held over the decades over extortion, unabated taxation and collections and continues even till presently. In recent months, public of two newly created districts- Chümoukedima and Niuland – have lost no time in declaring that extortions and illegal taxations in any form will not be tolerated. Various apex organisations of Chümoukedima, individually and collectively have re-affirmed several previous resolutions, that no form of tax demanded by various Naga national political groups will be entertained within Chümoukedima. The latest reaffirmation was on November 18, by Naga Tribal Union Chümoukedima Town (NTUCT), Chümoukedima Chamber of Commerce & Trade Association (CCCTA) and Chümoukedima Town Youth Organisation (CTYO). Even at neighbouring Niuland district, Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) and NGOs under Nuiland district at a joint meeting on June 24, ahead of the formal inauguration, resolved that no form of tax shall be paid to any of the underground faction. Nagaland Governor Prof Jagdish Mukhi, at a meeting in Zunheboto town on October 28,2022 also raised concern over the menace of extortion and illegal taxation by various groups and urged the public to come out in one voice to stop it once and for all. Then Nagaland Governor R.N.Ravi broke ‘tradition’ in his Republic Day speech on January 26,2021 when he openly threw the gauntlet at his own government for half heated attempt to enforce rule of law against the menace of threat, extortion and kidnapping. Ravi held that rampant extortion by “anti-social elements” had created a sense of fear among business persons and inhibited entrepreneurship in Nagaland. He said these have severely hampered development in the state. Without naming any organisation, Ravi said that some “extra-constitutional entities” in the guise of espousing the Naga national cause have queered the pitch for the people and the government and kept the peace and progress at bay. In another huge surprising development, a ruling cabinet minister,Y.Patton, in-charge of home and dealing in law and order, on May 16,2022, said senior NPG leaders do not want settlement of the “Naga political problem” so that they can continue to enjoy the comforts of life at people’s cost. For the record, Naga public across the state and at various public rallies during the past decades, had spoken out loud and clear for immediate solution so as to end the era of threat, extortion, unabated taxation etc. The public rally by ACAUT at Dimapur on October 31,2013 was attended by a record crowd where a resolution was passed for ‘One Government One Tax’ or no tax. No positive and progressive economic development can ever take place if the law fails to hold those involved accountable for anti-social activities, irrespective of who is or are involved. This has led to stagnation of economic development due to concern over security. Despite public having raised their voices, governors expressing concerns over the same issues and even a government minister himself, having let the cat out of the bag; there is a need to clearly understand that these activities have caused irreparable damage not only to the polity but also the socio-economic foundation that will take another generation for restoration.

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