Sunday, January 29, 2023

Solution before election is a myth

As per the formal media statement made by the co-chairman of UDA of core committee Shri Azo Neinu in a live debate show that was telecast on a Northeast live channel dated 20th sept at 8 pm on LIVE show made a three big revelation on a national media that was broadcasted and communicated through English medium. Firstly, that NSCM IM and NNPGs both agreed to give up violence and agreed to talk through mutual dialogue though this news was published in a dailies but this was made formal in a national media at the live debate show. Secondly, he made another big statement that Shri Amit Shah Home Minister, GoI said that he is willing to grant anything to the Nagas. Thirdly, the biggest statement and breaking news that the solution is expected before the election and more strikingly surprising was that solution is possible and expected before the Christmas. Now hearing such as this kind of statement on a national media left the people like me numb and dump whether to jump off the cliff or to thrashed the television into pieces cause such kind of statement is just another promise of fool paradise that doesn’t exist.
Election for solution or solution for election has become a trend for a political parties to fit their political narratives to pass out the test of election and the past history had revealed how this promises has led the parties to achieve a success in election at the expense of those political narrative solution for a political mileage.
Let me give a contrasting statement why such bombastic statement are looks sweet as honey but taste as sour as vinegar, This election for solution is a prey on the sentiment of the Nagas in fulfilling the political aspiration of winning the election and Naga public are always made a bait in the tussle of politics. It is a human nature to believe in a fool paradise as like that of the promises of Ache din that never comes but lost somewhere in outer space and the Naga public would keep believing the same in Naga solution whenever this promise of solution resurfaced up during election. It is appreciable for the stakeholders to come to mutual consensus to an understanding of the necessity of mutual talks in resolving the long conflicts but history have seen how the breakaway and split-away are being played by the factions over the years. the tendency of the Nagas to breakaway if other negotiating teams fail to accept the statement or proposal is as quick as spark of meteorite as and as quick as of the speed of the light, so how far this current promise of mutual understanding that was agreed upon would goes to solving the conflict will be written down in history.
Now for the second statement that Shri Amit Shah agree to grant anything to the Nagas even constitution and flag to accommodate to a higher level that Naga constitution aka Yehzabo
will be incorporated into the constitution of India and Naga flag will be given for civil usage beyond cultural usages exception of statutory office seems promising. But for those who understand the Naga context in totality and how politicization are done by manipulating the aspirations of the Nagas both by the Naga national worker and politicians over the years as a their own means of juicing milk for their fatty butter to fetch their table of feast at the expense of Naga aspiration would be sceptical to give into such promises until the competency inclusive in the constitution are being agreed upon with the consent of the Naga public.
Besides the Naga demand for constitution and flag especially vigorously pursued by the NSCM (IM), though the actual demand of ‘Nagas is Sovereignty’ for which the young revolutionaries of the time as Lt.Isak Chishi Swu, Th. Muivah, late Khaplang formed NSCN in 1980 for Naga Independence. But over the course of times seems deviated from its ideology and sovereignty somewhere goes missing though sovereignty or integration are not pursued as aggressively as the constitution or flag. But first let me first press on integration; it is a wish of the Nagas beyond artificial boundaries of states that the Integration of all contiguous areas of the Nagas be brought under one umbrella. Now here if HM Amit Shah truly said as per Azo’s statement that, he is ready to grant anything to the Nagas exception of the constitution and flag under certain conditions then does he agree upon the integration of all contiguous Naga area of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and willing to talk with the Govt of Myanmar on the issue of integration ? PM Narendra Modi in his election campaign had promised to the people of Manipur that there is no point in Naga Accord that was agreed on compromising Manipur territorial integrity and that Manipur territorial integrity will not be affected and will be protected. At the same time Defence minister Rajnath Singh has given an assurance to the stakeholders states of north eastern states that no territorial integration will be affected on any of the North Eastern states by Naga Accord also the GoI had promised that all stakeholders will be consulted on the matter of integration.
The state of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Manipur have been totally against the question of the integration, leaving aside Myanmar. There were number of agitations and protests in states like Manipur, where the legislative assembly was even set on fire against the integration. Now even if this statement is accepted and GoI under PM Modi or Home minister Amit shah agree to the proposal of Greater Nagaland it would lead to another long scuffle between the stakeholders to come to a settlement. As per Azo Neinu’s remarks on Home minister, does it also mean that HM Amit Shah agree to other contentious demand like Pan Naga Hoho? If it means he is ready to grant anything to Nagas, the Pan Naga hoho which had been another bone of conflicting interest between the negotiating parties of IM and NNPGs? Will NNPGs accept Pan Naga Hoho? Even if both come to a mutual understanding and agreement to a conclusive position it would take uncertain dates and cannot be settled within just a month unless every stakeholder involved is engaged in rapid talks every day for a definite month. Otherwise, it is next to impossible if talks follow the same trend of the past discussions done under separate consultations and meetings and so the promises that solution is coming before election is like fooling a child with a sweet to stop crying. This is a political strategy to quell the hue cry of the Nagas yearning for peace with a promise of solution.
Thirdly solution coming before Christmas is an unacceptable statement that can only be proven wrong by the actual result. Even if both NSCM (IM), NNPGs, all states STAKEHOLDER’S, CSOs and all factions involved in the Naga issue, the agreed competencies will have to be put in public domain. They will need to go through the test of the Naga public by undergoing extensive scrutiny, opinion, debates, protest, agitation and public referendum of for and against. This would be needed for the final settlement and that all this would be settled down within just a couple month resting the 75 years of Indo-Naga conflicts when the Naga people still doesn’t know what is under discussion for their future. When the talk had just resumed with new emissary and new strategies and in all this the promise of solution before Christmas is just beyond possible acceptance for those who had been fooled for many years that Naga issue is just about to be concluded. For many Christmas promises it would be just a LIE only be proven TRUTH through Deed of Action. Naga issue would be settled and would definitely be settled one day by the grace of Almighty God but all these promises of settlement that Solution is coming before election and dirtiest lie is promise before Christmas, Naga public should awake and should not become a scapegoat of all this political narrative. Election before solution is a myth, so many lives has passed hearing the story of it. One day it would find a place in mythological stories.
Hokato Awomi,
Activist & Asst. Prof, Dimapur,

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