Monday, November 28, 2022

Solution only with mandated national workers: NNC president ‘gen’ Thinoselie

Naga National Council president ‘gen’ (Rtd) Thinoselie M. Keyho has reiterated that any settlement/Accord that does not “respect Naga political rights” was unacceptable and will meet the same fate as the “despised, rejected and abandoned” Shillong Accord.
In a statement, the veteran former Naga armyman said settlement only by “mandated national workers, on the principle of political rights of the Nagas to exist as a sovereign nation, will be honourable and acceptable.” Keyho cited “failure” of Shillong Accord, the “scheming” by Naga People’s Convention and “creation” of Revolutionary Government of Nagaland (RGN) under the plea to bring about solution to “Indo-Naga political problem” as “dishonest means and deception masterminded by the Indian government.”
He, therefore, said Nagas do not want another Shillong Accord by accepting the Indian constitution one way or the other as there can be no honourable and acceptable solution without “recognition of Naga sovereignty”. Keyho said the foundational principle of sovereignty was laid down on three occasions- The Simon Commission on January 10,1926; the declaration of Naga independence on August 14,1947 and Naga Plebiscite on May 16,1951.
He further slammed the notion of 20% shared sovereignty and 80% Naga sovereignty put forth by Naga Political Groups as “calculated intention to deceive our people” since no “ 80% Naga sovereignty” could exist within the Indian constitution.

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