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Some historical facts about Netaji notcoming to the Naga Hills District of Assam

  1. It is recorded in the history that Subhas Bose left Mamyo for the ‘Frontiers’ on 17th April, 1944, and again appeared on 7th May, 1944, at Maymyo. (In other words, Netaji was touring in the frontiers for about two weeks only. By then, the expression of Frontiers means the whole mountain ranges that lays between Burma and India).
  2. Maymyo, the Japanese 15th Army Headquarters, is located 25 miles west of Mandalay town of Burma, which is more than 430 miles, and more than 30 days walk from Naga Hills District of Assam.
  3. Not a single incident about Netaji’s physical presence was reported/recorded in the history of the 31st Division, under the Command of Lieutenant General Sato, who was solely assigned to invade Kohima from its Headquarters Homalin, a small town located at the bank of river Chindwin, about 200 miles, and 15 days walk from Kohima.
  4. By the middle of May 1944, the Subhas Brigade of INA, under the command of Shah Nawaz Khan, followed the (southern) routes of Major General Miyazaki of the 31st Division; Ukhrul, Mao Gate, Viswema and Kohima, and supposed to have been hoisted the Indian trio colour at a mountain top near Kohima. But by then, Subhas was already in Rangoon.
  5. No Regiment or Brigade of INA had been ever deployed in the Northern and the Central routes of the 31st Division of the Japanese Army, which had covered the areas and places where some unscrupulous people of present day are claiming the presence of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose during the Battle of Kohima in 1944.
    K. Puroh,
    Associate Professor (Rtd).
    Former Chairman, NPSC.

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