Monday, November 28, 2022

Some observations and recommendations on NSSB exam

The first exam of NSSB was an emotional experience for many. Some aspirants were giving the exam for the last time before they became overage while some were giving competitive exams for the first time. The sight of job aspirants in neat and tidy clothes holding their admit cards and rushing towards their exam centres with hopes in their eyes and faces was quite emotional to see.
Is the NSSB biased towards Science students?
Majority of the job aspirants are from Arts background but do they stand a chance in this exam? Generally most competitive exams in India are a bit biased towards Science students. Even in NSSB, Paper 2 was quite easy for Commerce and Science students but was very difficult for Arts students. Therefore we request that NSSB will later show us the figures of how many Arts, Commerce and Science students applied and what percent from each stream was ultimately selected. Just like we don’t want all selected candidates to be from one tribe only, care should be taken to see that all selected candidates are not from one stream alone.
Is NSSB members diversified enough?
It is a common practice that we make sure that members of public institutions are not from a single tribe. In the same way it is important that the members are also not from the same educational background. Roughly, if there are three members, they should be from Arts, Science and Commerce background. This will make sure that all forms of knowledge are given due weightage and neither one stream is favored over the other.
Need for Waiting List valid for one year or till the next NSSB exam.
Roughly about 10-20 % of the selected candidates will probably resigned after selection. It could be due to getting a different job or they were allotted a post or district they didn’t like. As such a waiting list must be maintained because for many candidates this is their last attempt before becoming overage and it is their last option. NSSB could be a practice exam for many NPSC and UPSC candidates but for many job aspirants it is their first and last choice. Therefore a Waiting List for at least a year or till the next NSSB exam must be maintained.
Option to rank service and district must be given by all means.
Besides the work itself, place of posting is a major deciding factor in job satisfaction. Therefore in the next stage of the exam, candidates must be given the option to rank their service and district preferences. If there are 16 districts, candidates should be given an option to rank their preferences. For instance, someone from Peren may want to live in Kohima and someone from Kohima may want to live in Dimapur and so on. Resignation rate will be very high if people don’t get to rank their post and district preference.
Our hopes on NSSB.
Many criticism has been made on NSSB but there are two types of criticism. One criticism is made as a form of rejection but another type of criticism is made with the hope that it will improve. Most comments on NSSB are constructive criticism made with the hope that it will improve and succeed in its goal of guarding the merit system and save us from nepotism, tribalism and corruption.
We hope that it will rise to the occasion and ward off all forms of illegal pulls and pressures and do justice to the student community.
Lelen Singsit,
Kuda Village, Dimapur

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