Sunday, October 1, 2023

Sonu Sood helps man achieve his dream of becoming pilot

Actor Sonu Sood had helped a man named Vamshi financially for his career and the latter has now become a pilot. Vamshi now has a dream to fly the actor and is eagerly waiting for the moment.  Sonu transformed Vamshi’s life, making his dream of becoming a pilot come true. Vamshi is working as a ground instructor at an aviation academy as a pilot, a testament to Sonu’s impactful kindness.

Born into poverty, this individual faced numerous adversities and emerged from a background where the notion of becoming a pilot seemed unlikely. He shared, “I faced a lot of struggles, like not having enough financial support.” 

Having started his journey as a helper and cleaner at the airline, but found an ally in Sonu. 

“Sonu Sood helped me, and I received financial aid immediately after requesting it from a foundation inspired by Sonu Sood”, he recounts. It was a turning point that rekindled his ambitions and provided wings to his aspirations. 

The impact went beyond personal achievement, echoing in the collective dreams he ignited. “My dream is to fly Sonu Sood, and I eagerly await that moment. Now, I’m getting interviewed by YouTube channels, and Sonu Sood himself told me he’s proud of me. That one sentence is a lifetime achievement for me. 

“His encouragement has transformed not only my life but also the lives of many. After watching my YouTube video, people have reached out to me, saying they want to become pilots like me too. This belief, that even the less privileged can become pilots, has been instilled in the minds of countless people, all thanks to Sonu Sood.”

Talking about the person he helped in achieving his dream, Sonu told IANS: Sometimes, we are just God’s guided force, connecting one end to another to make things work.”

He said he started his journey of helping others in Covid and will continue to do so till his last breath.  

Sonu added: “The journey of helping people that started from Covid will continue until my last breath, and it gives me immense joy to see this soul grow. I hope it only gets better and better for him.



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